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The Perfect Formula

In Partnership with Kraft Heinz

We talked to Sara from PA and here’s what she had to say:

Sara’s Ideal Summer Cookout
My family loves to grill for dinner all summer long. We love to sit outside on the patio where we can grill and eat while the kids play in the back yard.
Why she Keeps Grilling Essentials On Hand…
The resealable packaging on the Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs is so helpful. It's great to be able to just open and grill 5 for the kids while the other 5 stay fresh. Heinz is a name we trust for great ketchup and mustard every time.
How she Dresses her Dog
I prefer just ketchup and will sometimes add American cheese. When I have a gathering I make sure to have all the fixings: ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, and cheese.
Sara’s Best Hosting Tip...
Prep work is key - having all your serving dishes planned, fruits and veggies cut up, and the salads made ahead of time. Make sure the lawn is mowed and there are activities for all ages such as bocce ball or lawn darts. And of course, the center piece - have plenty of seating for your guests! Turn on some music and relax with your friends and family because your work paid off.
Heinz + Oscar Mayer = great summer grill outs.

The Kraft Heinz Grilling Essentials