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Grilling Is for You!

In Partnership with Kraft Heinz

We talked to Danielle from KY and here’s what she had to say:

Danielle’s Ideal Summer Cookout
Cookouts are great anytime, whether it be a summer holiday or special occasion, spending time together (could be with family or that special someone), while cooking up some delicious food. How could you not love it? Ideally, we want a warm summer day with blue skies, fluffy clouds and the kids running around playing, all while we grill some traditional hamburgers and hot dogs. To be honest, I have two ideal grilling conditions, of course the one above, and a frosty night with everyone huddled around a little charcoal grill that's perfect for roasting our marshmallows for our s'mores. Whenever the time, and whomever you're with, enjoy it!
Why she Keeps Grilling Essentials On Hand…
Hot dogs are quick, easy and you can cook a lot of them at the same time, especially when your whole family LOVES Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs! You always need ketchup and mustard on hand at all times, and come on, everyone knows Heinz does them best.
How she Dresses her Dog
There's not much I wouldn't put on a hot dog (except relish, ew, but it is an essential hot dog topping). When you're trying to be fast, nothing comes together quicker than a good ol' mustard and ketchup hot dog. Now if you've got time or have family and friends coming over, I'd recommend the classic layout: chili (could even be re-heated from last night's dinner!), cheese (classic: cheddar. Not a lot of people I've met turn down cheddar), chopped onions (the kids won't stop for these I'm sure; mine wouldn't, but I love onions on hot dogs!), mustard and ketchup (how could you not?) and of course RELISH (just because you don't like it, doesn't mean everyone doesn't).
Danielle’s Best Hosting Tip...
Hosting a cook out isn't hard. Games; no games? Music; no music? It's entirely up to you! That's what makes it fun! That's what makes it YOUR cookout! Make a list of things you think everyone would like (games, music, buy decorations if it's themed!), then ask the group that's coming! Find the common denominators and go with that. Example (music): Joe, John and Jane are coming to the cookout. Ask each one what their favorite and second favorite genre of music is (remember, you won't be able to please everyone). Then play the most common answer! As a fall back, remember: there are not a lot of people that'll turn down some good old classic rock!
Kraft makes grilling easy, affordable and delicious!

The Kraft Heinz Grilling Essentials