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Cookouts Made Easy

In Partnership with Kraft Heinz

We talked to Kim from KS and here’s what she had to say:

Kim’s Ideal Summer Cookout
We typically have a cookout on holidays as well as weekend evenings, particularly Sunday nights. We usually cookout in the driveway so that other neighbors can join in on the fun. We do this spring through fall but it is best in the hot months when the kids can swim!
Why she Keeps Grilling Essentials On Hand…
What's convenient about the Heinz Ketchup and Mustard and Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs is that almost everyone loves these items at a cookout, particularly the children. The hot dogs are great for grilling or roasting over a fire, or even good cooked in the microwave, and the mustard and ketchup are easy to bring with you to cookouts at other locations. I definitely recommend Heinz Ketchup as the best tasting ketchup and it is an affordable price.
How she Dresses her Dog
Everyone likes their hot dogs differently. I like hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, and relish, but I know others appreciate onions, sauerkraut and/or cheese sauce. When having cookouts it is important to offer options so people can build their meals how they like them to create the most enjoyable experience for everyone.
Kim’s Best Hosting Tip...
Often when friends get together for cookouts the children want to play and the adults want to socialize. We usually offer swimming or the sprinkler, a trampoline, and popsicles for the children. We always have music playing in the background, but we are usually pretty spontaneous so we don't decorate.
Kraft grilling products are perfect for your outdoor cookout because they are affordable and delicious!

The Kraft Heinz Grilling Essentials