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Gourmet Spicy Shin Cup

Deliciously spicy and perfectly affordable, the Nongshim Shin Cup is an ideal pick for on-the-go eating. You’ll love the bright, satisfying heat and mix of flavors in this gourmet ramen. It’s a quick-prepare soup that’s just as good at home (with extras like a cracked egg and veggies) as it is on your lunch break (ready in a flash). All you have to do is wait for 3 minutes — stir well + serve. These shin cups are versatile and so simple to make.

We talked to Lisa J. from VA about NONGSHIM, and here is what she had to say:

Q: Describe the different flavor notes that you taste in the broth, the texture of the noodles, and overall taste of the noodles in the broth.
Lisa J.:  The gourmet spicy flavor had numerous different exciting tastes in my mouth. There was a sweetness that came out but also with a zingy zip of spice. The additional flavor of mushrooms and chives made the noodles more engaging, which was evident when I realized I had ate just about all of it!
Q: How would you choose to enhance your mealtime experience of the Shin Cup (e.g. what would you add to it, or what recipes would you make with it)?
Lisa J.:  Shin Cup (Gourmet Spice) was a refreshing flavor, which would be complimented if you added chicken or beef teriyaki and steam cooked rice. For the ease of having something delicious after a long day of work, Shin Cup is a great treat and leaves you satisfied and not having to cook and clean up!!!
Q: What did you like most about the Shin Cup, and how does it differ from other ramen you’ve tried?
Lisa J.:  Shin Cup really surprised me with the large dried mushrooms, which made the soup realistic in the texture and taste. The other thing that I found be interesting is that it wasn't overly salty. Many people, such as myself, try to stay away from certain cups of soup‚ because of the high sodium. If you have the opportunity to try this product you may also realize that the flavoring is delightful before the packet is added, not to mention the packet seasoning doesn't taste like pure salt!
Q: Describe how you prepared the Shin Cup, the level of convenience in preparing it, and your thoughts on its ease of preparation on-the-go.
Lisa J.:  Shin Cup was very easy to prepare. I just put the water in started the microwave and after a few minutes add the packet. It is easy to prepare and has the oriental expectations a person is hoping for.
“Leaves you satisfied. ”
— Lisa J.,  VA
Q: If you were recommending this product to someone else, how would you describe the level of heat and general spiciness?
Lisa J.:  If I was to have to explain the level of heat in the general spiciness to somebody recommending it to them, I would first suggest they prepare the soup without putting any spices in it and see if they like it that way and then try some of the spices separately. I would encourage them to taste it because everybody's taste buds are different, but encourage them to be open-minded about all foods.

Thank you for your time, Lisa J.! We love your feedback.

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