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Gourmet Spicy Shin Cup

Deliciously spicy and perfectly affordable, the Nongshim Shin Cup is an ideal pick for on-the-go eating. You’ll love the bright, satisfying heat and mix of flavors in this gourmet ramen. It’s a quick-prepare soup that’s just as good at home (with extras like a cracked egg and veggies) as it is on your lunch break (ready in a flash). All you have to do is wait for 3 minutes — stir well + serve. These shin cups are versatile and so simple to make.

We talked to Jackie W. from UT about NONGSHIM, and here is what she had to say:

Q: Describe the different flavor notes that you taste in the broth, the texture of the noodles, and overall taste of the noodles in the broth.
Jackie W.:  The noodles are very soft and tasty, not hard or chewy like other brands I've tried. Spices abound in the broth - both hot spices and more general flavor spices. I find this to be a little too spicy for me, but it tastes great!
Q: How would you choose to enhance your mealtime experience of the Shin Cup (e.g. what would you add to it, or what recipes would you make with it)?
Jackie W.:  To tone down the spice level, I would add in some cream to the broth. The noodles would also be great with some vegetables that are crunchy for additional texture - carrots, possibly some celery or cucumbers.
Q: What did you like most about the Shin Cup, and how does it differ from other ramen you’ve tried?
Jackie W.:  The noodles in the Shin Cup were much softer and I enjoyed the experience of the noodles more than other cups. This particular flavor is too spicy for me, but if there were more mild flavors I would consider purchasing this brand more often!
Q: Describe how you prepared the Shin Cup, the level of convenience in preparing it, and your thoughts on its ease of preparation on-the-go.
Jackie W.:  I prepared the Shin Cup in the microwave. It was incredibly easy to add water and put it in the microwave. I appreciated that this was an option, as it has not been with other brands. I even left it in the microwave for several minutes after cooking and the soup was still very warm.
Q: If you were recommending this product to someone else, how would you describe the level of heat and general spiciness?
Jackie W.:  I would first try to gauge their preference for spicy food. For someone who likes spicy things, I would highly recommend the Shin Cup. If someone is like me with a very low spice tolerance, I would not be able to recommend this without making modifications to adjust for the spicyness.
“I enjoyed the experience of these noodles more than other cups!”
— Jackie W.,  UT

Thank you for your time, Jackie W.! We love your feedback.

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