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Wonderful Holiday Ham

In Partnership with Hillshire Farm®

We talked to Molly from ND and here’s what she had to say:

Why Molly Picks Hillshire Farm® Brown Sugar Cured Ham
I like a lot of Hillshire Farm products, they always have high quality. I'm excited to try a bone-in ham that is pre-sliced. I find that the bone-in variety has more flavor, but they are hard to find pre-sliced.
How she Feels About Prepping The Holiday Ham
I have cooked ham before, always to varying degrees of success. I like that the directions are on the package. They are simple and seem easy to follow.
Molly’s Favorite Thing About Holiday Meals
I love being able to spend holiday meals eating with family. It's always nice to make a large meal and then spend the rest of the day eating and playing board games or watching football. Our Holiday Ham is not complete without a side of broccoli casserole.
Who Else she’d Recommend This Ham To
My mother-in-law is always looking for a good ham, I would definitely recommend this ham to her. My husband also loves to snack on ham, this is the brand I'll get for him in the future.
This is an easy-to-prepare ham, that works well as the centerpiece of a great meal.

Stock up on your favorite sides to pair with your Holiday Ham

Hillshire Farm® Brown Sugar Cured Ham, Bone In