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The Aisle Of Misfit Produce

“Real talk: we’re all aware that sometimes, access to a healthy lifestyle can come with a heavy price tag. We get it [+ our wallets do too], which is why we are currently stocking our kitchens at Misfits Market — a brand bringing “rescued” produce to doorsteps + reducing food waste at scale. Ever seen a wonky carrot? A miscolored apple? Probably not — that’s because grocers x retailers alike have their own beauty standards for food, kicking imperfect, fully-edible produce to the curb [thus, continuing the waste cycle]. Misfits Market is saving the day — finding organic, [sometimes] funny looking produce a new home at nearly 40% less than grocery store values. It’s a win-win for everyone. P.S. use code COOKWME-KM2UJN for 25% off your first order. ”

The Mischief Starter Box