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Make Your Dessert Extraordinary

In Partnership with Blue Bunny®

We talked to Cathy from OH and here’s what she had to say:

Cathy’s Take On Load’d Ice Cream Cones
I chose the Brownie Bomb Blue Bunny Load'd Cones flavor. The chocolate ice cream was nice and smooth. There was a perfect amount of chewy brownie pieces. The cone was nice and crisp. I think the brownie pieces made the ice cream taste even better. I also liked the flavor of the cone. I think the brownie pieces were my favorite part.
The Best Part Of Her Cone...
My favorite part of the cone experience was the mixture of smooth ice cream mixed with the chewy brownie pieces. There was a generous amount of brownie and it made the ice cream delicious. The cone is just the right size for a treat.
Cathy’s Next Blue Bunny Pick
I would like to try the Blue Bunny individual sundaes. I like the fact Blue Bunny has a variety of flavors for their products. I would definitely buy the Brownie Bomb Load'd Cones again. The ice cream was smooth and delicious. The brownie bites gave it an extra treat. My kids gave the Load'd Cones a 10/10 and already requested another box on my next trip to the store.
How They Add Fun To Her Day
The Blue Bunny Load'd Cones were a special treat because it was more than just ice cream in a cone. The ice cream cones were a good incentive to get the kids to clean up before the got dessert. We ate it outside while enjoying the evening and fresh air. The Blue Bunny Load'd Cones make ordinary ice cream cones look boring.
Special times call for a special Blue Bunny Load'd Cone treat.

Blue Bunny Load’d Cones