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Only the Best for My Family

In Partnership with Michael Angelo's

We talked to Melissa from IL and here’s what she had to say:

How Michael Angelo’s Brought The Flavor Of Italy To Melissa’s Home
I love all the flavors and the rich textures. The cheese is delicately mixed into a robust sauce. I did not feel like I was heating a prepared ahead lasagna. It tastes fresh. Nothing was over powering. The meat is delicate and very sparingly sprinkled in just adding to all the flavors. Incredible flavor.
Who Melissa Shared Michael Angelo’s Lasagna With
I spoil my family every day with my meals. I would not feel guilty allowing Michael Angelo's Lasagna to cook for me at least once a week. Everything is so good and homemade tasting it does not feel like I was cheating my family.
How It Simplified Cooking For her Group
My family only includes two people. The serving size is very generous for two. We are very big eaters as we are in the gym every day. Tackling this lasagna was a pleasure and actually quite simple. The serving sizes were kind of small and it would be hard to feed a family of four with this.
The Michael Angelo’s Meal she’d Try Next
Three cheese baked ziti sounds amazing. I could only imagine how Michael Angelo's would combine all those cheeses together. I love a simple mac and cheese I hope some really amazing flavors come out.
Fresh enough to serve to my family who I only home cook for.

Michael Angelo's Lasagna