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Just Like My Homemade Recipe!

In Partnership with Michael Angelo's

We talked to Margaret from WI and here’s what she had to say:

How Michael Angelo’s Brought The Flavor Of Italy To Margaret’s Home
For a frozen product, this was very good. The sauce was perfectly seasoned and not too salty as some prepared foods are. There was a good amount of cheese and it tasted fresh and also was seasoned perfectly. The noodles were soft yet firm, no mushy noodles here! I would definitely purchase this product again! Add a salad and you have a quick, tasty meal!
Who Margaret Shared Michael Angelo’s Lasagna With
We changed our dinner plans to try this dinner. My husband is a tough sell, and he really liked this. It tastes and is seasoned very similar to the lasagne I make from scratch. It's something I'll have handy for a quick meal in the future. My husband just took seconds! I like making things my husband enjoys, and he supports me in my secret shopper work. We both win!
How It Simplified Cooking For her Group
This was very easy to make. Just preheat the oven and pop it in and wait. I just got back from a vacation and we don't have many groceries in the house. We had the lasagne with some canned cooked carrots. Next time, we will make it with a salad and some garlic bread. The size of the container was perfect. We each got a good portion and some leftovers for one of us for lunch tomorrow. Thank you.
The Michael Angelo’s Meal she’d Try Next
I like the Italian sauce and seasoning, so would also like to try the baked ziti. It's a lot of work and time to make homemade tomato based sauce, and this sauce is so good and saves time. Also, with two of us, we end up tossing leftovers. These dishes are the perfect size for dinner for two.
Why spend your whole day making lasagne from scratch when you can pop this in the oven for an hour and have a tasty, perfectly seasoned lasagne like this!

Michael Angelo's Lasagna