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Top-Notch Meatballs

In Partnership with Beetnik

We talked to Stacy from FL and here’s what she had to say:

Why Stacy Chooses Beetnik Organic…
These meatballs are so easy to make and delicious! I cooked them in tomato sauce and had them with spaghetti. The seasoning was great, and the meat was tender. These meatballs were so good.
Her Perfect Pair…
I ate two meatballs plain, and they were great all by themselves. They were tender, juicy, and flavorful, and they had just the right combination of seasonings!
Stacy on Beetnik’s Health Benefits…
I always try to buy grass fed beef.
Stacy Would Share Beetnik With…
I would share these meatballs with my family and friends. All of us are health conscious, and these are great for parties and potlucks! Anyone can eat them.

And of course, Beetnik Organic Meatballs

Beetnik Grass Fed Meatballs are surprisingly delicious and super easy.
Beetnik Product

Beetnik Organic Meatballs

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