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Tastes Great And Good For You!

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We talked to Miranda from FL and here’s what she had to say:

Why Miranda Chooses Beetnik Organic…
Beetnik Paleo organic chicken chili verde was so quick and easy to prepare and tasted great! It had a fresh flavor and was mild, yet had a little zip! I love the fact that something that tastes so good and is organic/paleo is so quick and easy to prepare!
Her Perfect Pair…
The organic chicken chile verde is great on its own! It would also be great on rice or with a salad, or even just add avocado and sour cream! I’m sure it would go great with a white wine or beer!
Miranda on Beetnik’s Health Benefits…
I love the fact that Beetnik is committed to provide health-conscious meals that everyone can enjoy together! Because they are USDA organic, certified gluten free, certified Paleo and inspected by the USDA, everyone can enjoy this great tasting meal without any worries!
Miranda Would Share Beetnik With…
I would like to share a Beetnik Organic meal with my co-worker. She always cooks and brings food for me, so I would share this meal with her while catching up on everything that’s going on in her life. I think she would enjoy this as she likes flavorful good food and this meal meets that criteria!

And of course, Beetnik Organic Meals

Beetnik Organic is not only good for you but is easy to prepare and full of flavor!
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