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Sweet And Spicy

In Partnership with TABASCO® Brand

We talked to Kim from MD about Tabasco BBQ Sauce and here’s what she had to say:

Why Kim Was Excited To Try It Out
I was really excited to try Tabasco BBQ Sauce because of the flavor options. My family uses BBQ sauce several times a week and we are always looking for new flavors to change it up. The Tabasco BBQ sauce sounded like it would be sweet with a spicy kick.
The Reason She’d Share Tabasco BBQ Sauce With A Friend
I would recommend Tabasco BBQ Sauce to anyone who loves BBQ sauce, but finds themselves needing to add in hot sauce to give it that spicy kick that it's usually lacking. This is the best of both worlds all in one product.
Kim’s Take On The Flavor
I tried the habanero jerk Tabasco BBQ Sauce and thought it was fantastic. It has a sweet taste of BBQ, but then a spicy kick and aftertaste. You can really taste the jerk flavoring in it. It is really great on chicken!
Her Ideal Pairing
I tried Tabasco BBQ Sauce on chicken and thought it was great especially on the grill. I love the spicy sweetness on the chicken. I think it would also taste great on pork and chicken wings. I can't wait to grill some wings with this Tabasco BBQ Sauce.
The habanero jerk Tabasco BBQ Sauce sauce has a fantastic spicy, sweet taste with just the right amount of kick.

Tabasco BBQ Sauce