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Who's Got the Sauce

In Partnership with The Pioneer Woman

We talked to Kayla from VA and here’s what she had to say:

Kayla On The Flavor of The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce
Out of the different varieties of pasta sauce the Pioneer Woman carries, I chose to purchase the four cheese flavor. The flavor I chose was seasoned and tasted delicious. When cooked, the pastor sauce begins to thicken up to a good consistency. After purchasing this and making a dish out of it I definitely will be getting this sauce again.
What she Made With It…
I cooked a cheesy meat pasta dish.
How The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce Simplified Dinnertime
Purchasing the Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce cut my preparation time in half. It made dinner quick and easy. My household loved it.
The Flavor she’ll Try Next…
When I purchase Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce again, I will try the Italian sausage and peppers sauce.
The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce helped make a great dish for my family.

The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce

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