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Pioneer Woman is In My Kitchen!

In Partnership with The Pioneer Woman

We talked to Michelle from GA and here’s what she had to say:

Michelle On The Flavor of The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce
I chose Rustic Bolognese. The taste was different than most pasta sauces. It had a fresh, homemade taste and was not sweet. I loved the texture which reminded me of a sauce that my mom might make!
What she Made With It…
I added my Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce to Italian sausage that I had cooked. I drained sausage and added the bolognese sauce and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. I boiled pasta and put my sauce over the pasta and then added fresh Parmesan cheese. I love the combination of a jarred sauce with sausage for an easy meal.
How The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce Simplified Dinnertime
I felt like the price was fair for a sauce that had that homemade touch. I would serve company Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce, mixed with Italian sausage over fresh pasta and serve with bread and a salad.
The Flavor she’ll Try Next…
Italian Sausage and Peppers is definitely my next purchase. This would be the epitome of a fast meal - all the flavors I want would be there. I love the Bolognese Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce and would definitely purchase again - such a unique twist on spaghetti sauce.
Pioneer Woman to the rescue for supper!

The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce

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