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Packing a Flavorful Punch

In Partnership with The Pioneer Woman

We talked to April from NC and here’s what she had to say:

April On The Flavor of The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce
I got the four cheese flavor of the Pioneer Woman spaghetti sauce. It has a very good and rich flavor to it and I actually was surprised that I would prefer it over my normal spaghetti sauce.
What she Made With It…
I chose to make this with spaghetti. It's a quick and easy dinner for my family. My son really liked this sauce as well and said that it was better than the regular sauce that we normally use. We didn't opt for any sides with this dish but it was super flavorful all on its own.
How The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce Simplified Dinnertime
I really didn't feel the needs to add any additional spices to this sauce which was helpful to simplify the meal. My family and I eat spaghetti at least once every 2 weeks at least and I would use this product again.
The Flavor she’ll Try Next…
The next sauce I would probably try would be the Rustic Bolognese. I like to switch flavors up to try new things and see how me and my family like it. If you never try new things then how can you ever learn what you truly like?
This sauce is flavorful, easy to use, and definitely worth buying again!

The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce

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