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Fresh From the Garden Taste

In Partnership with The Pioneer Woman

We talked to Alicia from OH and here’s what she had to say:

Alicia On The Flavor of The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce
I tired the Pioneer Woman garden vegatable flavor and it was amazing I absolutely loved it. There is a nice tomato sauce flavor with burst of fresh from the garden produce. It was a mostly smooth consistency which I loved because I dont like a very chunky sauce.
What she Made With It…
I made it with spaghetti and it was amazing and paired well. I chose spaghetti because its a simple cheap meal to feed my family of five. I didn't even need any ground beef to add to my spaghetti because the flavor from the sauce was enough alone, but we did pair with garlic bread.
How The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce Simplified Dinnertime
It makes preparing a meal easier because it gives a natural and home grown flavor without all the work of preparing a sauce from scratch. I would make with spaghetti again, but I'm going to try it in a lasagna next time! I would have anyone at my table for a meal with this sauce from family to business partners because the taste is just that good.
The Flavor she’ll Try Next…
I would try Four Cheese next because my kids love cheese. Personally for myself I would get the Garden Vegetable again because I loved the fresh taste so much.
Fresh from the garden without the work, simple and easy.

The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce

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