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Be a Pasta Chief Without All the Time

In Partnership with The Pioneer Woman

We talked to Angel from MO and here’s what she had to say:

Angel On The Flavor of The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce
Sausage and Pepper Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce has a very authentic Italian taste. You can taste the onion garlic Italian sausage and bell pepper. It is a very pretty sauce red green and yellow bell peppers must have been used to make. The sauce was not to thick or to lean it was just right.
What she Made With It…
I made a quick spaghetti dinner and bread sticks as a side. It was quick and easy and I love dipping bread sticks in pasta sauce. We had a little cottage cheese on the side,it paired very well.
How The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce Simplified Dinnertime
I think the Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce is prepared beautifully and make dinner quick because to get a sauce with this much flavor you would have to simmer a very long time and also purchase many ingredients.I would love to try this in a lasagna dish served with garlic bread to soak up any drip sauce. I would invite my neighbors because they cook Italian all the time and spend a great deal of time preparing their sauce. Would like to do a comparison dinner..maybe lots of fun.
The Flavor she’ll Try Next…
Next I would like to try Garden Vegetable. I would like to get more veggies in my diet and can not think of a better way. I definitely would purchase the Italian Sausage and Bell Pepper Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce to try in many different dishes.
After tasting Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce my mind is thinking of how many different ways I could use it to make dishes taste better and make them much quicker.

The Pioneer Woman Pasta Sauce

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