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Show Me the Pasta

In Partnership with Kraft Pasta Sides

We talked to Sarah from SC and here’s what she had to say:

Sarah on Pasta Sides’ Prep
It was super simple to make just like typical pasta except this one had the sauce all together for you. The smell alone while adding it all in was enough reason to make it. It took just the time to get the water boiling and for the pasta to cook so for my stove, all together it was around 15 minutes tops.
What she Thought of the Flavor
I chose the Creamy Alfredo Penne and was expecting it to taste similar to that of jar Alfredo sauce, but it far exceeds that. The spices and sauce taste like a restaurant, I have a happy husband and happy 2 year old. We are at the stage of not wanting to eat certain things and she did so amazing, loved it, and asked for seconds of it!
How Sarah Would Make Pasta Sides a Full Meal
We added low calorie baked chicken with a light Parmesan crust to our side. It paired together perfectly. I seasoned it with some different Italian herbs and it all together tasted like an upscale meal with the pasta sides and green beans.
Sarah’s After Dinner Go-To
Our favorite after dinner activity as a family is to go on a walk around our neighborhood. With the simplicity of this dish it helps us to get outside before it gets dark or before our daughter gets sleepy. It is also a fun and easy way to let my 2 year old help with the cooking, supervised of course.
Kraft Pasta Sides is the perfect addition to any dish, but is also the perfect dish by itself!
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