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Psst, It's Pasta Sides, Goodness Coming Through

In Partnership with Kraft Pasta Sides

We talked to Vanessa from CA and here’s what she had to say:

Vanessa on Pasta Sides’ Prep
The Pasta Sides (Creamy Alfredo Penne) was very easy to make. 15 min from start to finish and the instructions were simple and easy to follow. My son will have no problem cooking this on his own, if needed.
What she Thought of the Flavor
I chose the Creamy Alfredo and thought the flavor of the Alfredo sauce was very bland on its own, but when mixed together, the dish was quite flavorful. The Alfredo sauce dissolved evenly and I appreciate that there were not any clumps of sauce.
How Vanessa Would Make Pasta Sides a Full Meal
I would add a grilled chicken thigh to this meal. The servings are quite generous and can easily stretch it out by adding the chicken protein. Asparagus would be a great side with this dish. I would recommend this dish for others to try because it is good and very quick to make. When you just don't have energy to cook, this pasta dish alone would be very filling!
Vanessa’s After Dinner Go-To
After dinner, we like to go on a walk to a nearby park. The kids get to run around and play while I walk around the park and do some light exercise. The Pasta Sides will allow me to not have to wash as many dishes compared to when i cook a traditional meal. Thus, we can leave for the park sooner and the kids can have more time to play in the park before nightfall.
Pasta Sides are very easy to make, giving you more time do do things you enjoy!
In exchange for their feedback, the author of this article was reimbursed for the product. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect that of Kraft Pasta Sides.