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Pasta made Easy

In Partnership with Kraft Pasta Sides

We talked to Kimberly from NV and here’s what she had to say:

Kimberly on Pasta Sides’ Prep
Pasta Sides was very easy to make. It took about 17 minutes and the directions were easy to follow.
What she Thought of the Flavor
Pasta Sides Creamy Alfredo Penne was delicious. It is cheesy with a garlic flavor. I like the garlic cheese flavor.
How Kimberly Would Make Pasta Sides a Full Meal
I would add chicken in the Pasta Sides for a complete meal and serve a salad. I would recommend this to anyone who likes pasta and needs a quick meal.
Kimberly’s After Dinner Go-To
Watching TV and hanging out. Have ice cream and everyone talking about their day. This pasta would give me more time, as it is easy and quick.
Kraft Pasta Sides helps make dinner complete.