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Easy, Cheesy and Delicious

In Partnership with Kraft Pasta Sides

We talked to Bethany from CA and here’s what she had to say:

Bethany on Pasta Sides’ Prep
This was an extremely easy dish to make. I loosely followed the instructions and my dish came out great! I had to boil the pasta for a few more minutes than suggested, but that was no problem. The whole process from start to finish was about 20 minutes. The cheese sauce was easy to get out of the packet and it melted quickly and evenly into the cooked noodles. The seasoning packet gave it just the perfect amount of saltiness that I love! I would definitely buy this again!
What she Thought of the Flavor
I picked the Creamy Alfredo Penne. I liked the saltiness and the extreme creaminess of the sauce, and the density of the noodles was perfect! The sauce does taste a little bit "processed", but no more than other processed products do.
How Bethany Would Make Pasta Sides a Full Meal
I'm enjoying this Pasta Sides as is, but I definitely think some grilled chicken pieces mixed into this dish would be amazing! A nice house salad on the side, and you've got a complete meal!
Bethany’s After Dinner Go-To
My family enjoys long evenings around the dining room table together, playing card games like Rummy, or if we have an extra big group, we switch to Dominoes. Serving Pasta Sides as part of our evening meal would help us get to the fun even faster! Quick prep time, and even faster clean up time is the key!
Pasta Sides is easy, cheesy and delicious.
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