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Creamy Alfredo Pasta Just Made Easier

In Partnership with Kraft Pasta Sides

We talked to April from NC and here’s what she had to say:

April on Pasta Sides’ Prep
Pasta Sides was a very quick and easy cooking process, very similar to other pasta box products that are out there. The directions was straight forward and told me exactly what to do and when to do each step. It took no more than 15 minutes to cook the pasta. After that I just had to add the cheese sauce and the seasoning to the pasta.
What she Thought of the Flavor
The creamy Alfredo pasta side was really rich and creamy. I liked that the cheese was not the usual powder type of cheese which always makes the pasta very yummy in my opinion. The pasta was cooked just right which made the pasta side really soft when eating it.
How April Would Make Pasta Sides a Full Meal
I would add baked chicken as well as a side of vegetables with this pasta side in particular. One of my favorite foods is chicken Alfredo and so this Kraft Pasta Side would definitely measure up to my liking. I would recommend this product for anyone that loves Alfredo pasta. The serving size isn't for a big family meal though as it is only for 2 servings so keep that in mind.
April’s After Dinner Go-To
My favorite after-dinner activity would be watching a movie with friends and family. Given that this product only takes a little bit of time to fix, you could talk with friends and family about what movie in particular we would like to watch. This could also be like a little snack as well.
Kraft's Creamy Alfredo Penney Pasta Sides is to-die for when it comes to its rich and creamy texture and taste.