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Southwestern Food Network Kit Packs a Punch With Spice and Beans!

In Partnership with Food Network Kitchen Inspirations

We talked to Kelby from TX and here’s what she had to say:

If Kelby Had a Food Network Show
My Food Network segment would be all about baking cakes, cookies, and all kinds of sweet treats for any occasion! I have an extreme sweet tooth, and I always look forward to enjoying some fresh baked sweets. What makes it even better is the sweet smell everything gives off as you put it together and while it bakes in the oven!
Her Experience Making the Food Network Kit…
The Food Network Kit was really easy to make. The instructions were very simple, just like any normal recipe. I'm usually a slow cooker, so it took about 40 minutes to make, which is still great!
Kelby’s Thoughts On The Flavor…
I bought the Southwest Chicken and Rice Food Network Kit. I liked it because it was spicy, but not too spicy. It's very chewy because of the beans, but the rice gives some texture. It really does taste like how you'd expect a southwestern plate to taste.
Why she’d Make a Food Network Kit on her Show
I did say that my ideal Food Network segment would be about baking sweets. The only way I could see incorporating this kit into the segment would be in making the best dessert to go after this plate. Maybe it would be a sweet-spicy treat!
The Southwestern Food Network Kit was spicy, chewy, and delicious, and it's definitely great for a quick-cooked meal!

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