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Scamper Home to Dinner With the Food Network Shrimp Scampi Kit

In Partnership with Food Network Kitchen Inspirations

We talked to Konpur from NJ and here’s what she had to say:

If Konpur Had A Food Network Show
My food segment would focus on fast ethnic foods that doesn't dilute the taste but gives someone a taste of a land far away. I would name my segment Far Away but Fast Foods!
Her Experience Making The Food Network Kit…
This Food Network Kit was an excellent choice to take home to try because I was partly guided by what's available at home and I needed the perfect external inspiration and the right blend of ingredients to bring the taste of Italian seafood at home! It was quite quick to assemble and I drummed it out in 15 minutes or less, I think. Who watches the time when you are having fun in the kitchen?!
Konpur’s Thoughts On The Flavor…
The Shrimp Scampi came through quickly and fortunately I had shrimp at home and instead of garnishing with parsley, I decided to go with green onions that I had plentifully at home. The scampi tasted light, buttery and had a tangy tart taste and as a bite was quite satisfying.
Why She’d Make A Food Network Kit On Her Show
This could be an opening show! Fast, delicious and fun. I would ask others to simply try it before forming any opinions.
A light, buttery scampi Food Network Kit that brings the taste of Italian seafood home.

Food Network Kitchen Inspirations Kit

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