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Let's Cook with the Food Network

In Partnership with Food Network Kitchen Inspirations

We talked to Sally from TX and here’s what she had to say:

If Sally Had A Food Network Show
Slap Happy Cookin'- Food So Good You'd Slap Ya Momma. My show would definitely consist of Southern comfort foods because I am from the south and that's what brings me happiness and joy. I love food with rich hearty seasonings and elements of comfort like starches and meats.
Her Experience Making The Food Network Kit…
Food Network Kit was really simple to follow the steps so didn't have to think about measurements or forgetting an ingredient; it's a one stop cooking shop. It took about 15 minutes total with the prep of the chicken and it was worth it. It is so flavorful.
Sally’s Thoughts On The Flavor…
As I stated I'm from the south, so I chose the Southwest Style Chicken and Rice Food Network Kit. It is so unbelievably flavorful. It has just a really nice combination of beans and seasoning and vegetables.
Why She’d Make A Food Network Kit On Her Show
I would incorporate it as a southwest cooking segment. Possibly showcase how you can create a burrito meal from this cat or some other proteins that you might like including pork or shrimp. I would definitely say for those who love their spicy southwest food this is definitely a no brainer.
The Food Network Kit is a quick and easy way to get your cook on.

Food Network Kitchen Inspirations Kit

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