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In Partnership with Food Network Kitchen Inspirations

We talked to Cassandra from UT and here’s what she had to say:

If Cassandra Had a Food Network Show
If I had a Food Network show segment...I think I'd call it "Just Eat"! I would make all kinds of foods, but especially ones that people think of as "bad". I would highlight any things that are GOOD about a dish, even if it's just mental health. I like to eat, and I think people get too caught up in "healthy" foods sometimes.
Her Experience Making the Food Network Kit…
This was really easy to make. The worst part was cutting the chicken--I just don't like cutting chicken anyway. I'm picky about tendons and visible blood vessels. But really, it's easy to do a half pound! It took a bit longer to cook than I expected based on the box, but that's not uncommon, and I think it might be because of our altitude.
Cassandra’s Thoughts On The Flavor…
I got the Southwest-Style Chicken and Rice Food Network Kit. There is SO much flavor in the sauce, and it melds great with the rice and the veggies mix.
Why she’d Make a Food Network Kit on her Show
This is just GOOD...but also has lots of healthy aspects, so it would fit well. You can health it up by adding more veggies or the suggested avocado, and/or make it a little more indulgent with cheese!
An easy, delicious dinner To JUST EAT!

Food Network Kitchen Inspirations Kit

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