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I Could Eat This Every Week

In Partnership with Food Network Kitchen Inspirations

We talked to Aiyana from TX and here’s what she had to say:

If Aiyana Had a Food Network Show
If Food Network gave me a segment I would call it Healthy Happy Living and it would be about making delicious food in a healthier way. I know I am taking care of my body when I eat real food and that's what I enjoy most about cooking and eating healthy food.
Her Experience Making the Food Network Kit…
The process was not long or difficult at all! It had fairly simply instructions and I really liked that they included pictures in the box along with the instructions. It took me about 25 minutes to cook this dish and it turned out so good!
Aiyana’s Thoughts On The Flavor…
The flavor I chose to purchase was the Southwest-Style Chicken and Rice Kit. I really enjoyed the peppers and onions that were included in the box. The flavor was mildly spicy but overall very good. Even though there are dried foods in this box you can't even tell after cooking it, the texture tastes like you spent hour cooking the rice and beans.
Why she’d Make a Food Network Kit on her Show
I would talk about this in my cooking segment by emphasizing how simple it can be to cook delicious and healthier options. I think it would be a good fit because it uses real chicken and gets people a good idea of what a healthier meal can look like. I would definitely recommend this to others!
This meal was not only delicious but also easy and simple to make!

Food Network Kitchen Inspirations Kit

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