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How to Become a Food Network Chef By Visiting the Grocery Store

In Partnership with Food Network Kitchen Inspirations

We talked to Jacquelyn from GA and here’s what she had to say:

If Jacquelyn Had a Food Network Show
I would love to have a show centered around the way I feed my unique family. My subject matter would be quick and delicious meals for busy mom's with picky eaters.
Her Experience Making the Food Network Kit…
Although the preparation was simple, I felt that there were too many steps involved. I loved how the directions were easy to follow but it would have been nice if the cook time was shorter.
Jacquelyn’s Thoughts On The Flavor…
I chose the Southwest flavored Food Network Kit and it tasted great! It was smokey, spicy and exotic. The Chipotle sauce added a nice kick that accentuates the flavor but does not set your tongue on fire.
Why she’d Make a Food Network Kit on her Show
Once prepared, the Food Network Kit mix has so many possibilities in how to serve it. Tacos, burritos, salads and many more preparations would work great. My family and I love variety so the versatility of the kit is incredible and right up our alley.
This Food Network Kit lives up to it's brand name with it's unique flavor and innovative recipe.

Food Network Kitchen Inspirations Kit

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