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Devour This!

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We talked to Julie from MI and here’s what she had to say:

How Devour Bowls Dial Up The Taste Of Julie’s Meal
This was yummy! I purchased the Creamy Alfredo Mac and Cheese with Bacon and it was delicious! It was quick and easy to prepare and my teen son and I both loved it!
Her Thoughts On Prepping Devour Bowls...
Devour was very easy to prepare, and the directions were clear and concise. It only took four minutes to cook and maybe another minute to throw the toppings on. So simple and quick!
What Makes Devour Bowls Different To Julie
These Devour Bowls stand out because they are quicker and easier than others I have tried. However, the real reason that they are superior is because of the taste. You would never know this was an instant mac and cheese product, it tastes just like I made it from scratch. Thanks Devour!
Who Julie Would Recommend Devour Bowls To...
These Devour Bowls are perfect for students, singles, seniors and pretty much anyone who likes quick, yummy food. I can easily recommend them to everyone I know, they are that good!
Devour microwavable bowls are a quick and tasty game changer!

Devour Mac & Cheese Bowls

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