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Devour the Real Deal

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We talked to Melissa from MD and here’s what she had to say:

How Devour Bowls Dial Up The Taste Of Melissa’s Meal
I purchased the Sharp Cheddar and Bacon Devour Bowl. The pasta and cheese sauce actually tasted good for a microwave pasta meal! The bacon topping was too hard and chewy, though, for my liking.
Her Thoughts On Prepping Devour Bowls...
The prep was super easy. Very quick and simple to follow instructions.
What Makes Devour Bowls Different To Melissa
Many microwave cooked pasta meals have a very defined fake texture and usually leave an odd aftertaste from the sauces. This one I actually enjoyed the flavor of the sauce, and the texture was closer to normal pasta after letting it rest for a few minutes to cool.
Who Melissa Would Recommend Devour Bowls To...
My sister would enjoy these because she's always on the go with three young kiddos.
Finally, a microwave pasta meal that doesn't taste fake!

Devour Mac & Cheese Bowls

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