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Devour Bowls: Quick and Delicious

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We talked to Rebekah from UT and here’s what she had to say:

How Devour Bowls Dial Up The Taste Of Rebekah’s Meal
I tried the Sharp Cheddar Mac and Cheese with Bacon. It only took 4 minutes to make in the microwave and had a great texture and flavor.
Her Thoughts On Prepping Devour Bowls...
This mac and cheese is so easy to make that my teenage daughter and elementary-aged son could easily make it.
What Makes Devour Bowls Different To Rebekah
I don't typically send my kids to school with microwaveable meals, but I think this mac and cheese is quick and easy enough to make, they could easily do it for lunch if a microwave is accessible. It's exactly the type of thing my kids enjoy eating.
Who Rebekah Would Recommend Devour Bowls To...
Devour Bowls are easy enough for teens to make and also taste great, so I would recommend them to really anyone, including teens, college students, and working people for a fast, easy lunch.
Devour Bowls are quick and delicious.

Devour Mac & Cheese Bowls

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