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Lovin' On Leapin' Lemurs!

In Partnership with Nature's Path EnviroKidz
Why Jewel Was Excited To Serve Up A Bowl
I love giving my family healthier options to eat! Right off the bat, I really liked seeing how eco-friendly and generous the EnviroKidz brand is for the earth.
Her Take On The Flavor Of EnviroKidz
My kids helped me pick the Leapin' Lemurs variety. They love Reese's Puffs cereal, and thought it would be a good opportunity to compare what they've had before to this brand. ALL of my kids (4 of them) thought this tasted better!
Why She Would Share This Cereal With Other Parents
It tastes real, not like fake, sugary cereal. I have some eco-friendly and organic-loving friends I could recommend this to.
What Jewel Thought Of The Nutritional Value
I think compared to other brands, the EnviroKidz nutritional value is awesome. Kids don't need extra artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives running through their bodies. This is a great option for parents who want better choice foods for their kids.

EnviroKids Cereal is a tasty, organic cereal for families trying to find better food options for their children.

Jewel, UT

EnviroKidz Cereal