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Purely Delicious

In Partnership with Purely Elizabeth

We talked to Kathryn from NJ and here’s what she had to say:

Why were you looking forward to trying the Collagen Protein Oat Cup?
The main image on the packaging looks so real and yummy. A lot of oatmeal packaging images look like stock or fake photos. You can see the yummy goodness just from the image. I've never had or even heard of Purely Elizabeth products, but this tasted wonderful. Almost lightweight but full of flavor. Though I will say the "Mixed Nut & Seed Butter Packet" that said was included in here was not. I dug through to find it. Nothing.
Your thoughts on the flavor...
I thought the flavor of the Collagen Oat Cup and Nuttzo Packs was warm and inviting and very much full of the blueberry flavor.
What about the nutritional benefits?
I did like that this product was low in sugar. That's a huge deciding factor for me.
Let’s talk convenience: how do these oat cups simplify your day?
These are great for on the go. I'm a big traveler, both for work and personally, so this could be something I purchase as an easy but great tasting food I can have on the go.
It's full of flavor and lightweight so it doesn't seem like you're eating something bad!

Purely Elizabeth Collagen Protein Oat Cups