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Perfect For Busy Mornings

In Partnership with Special K

We talked to Katie from WV and here’s what she had to say:

Your initial take on trying this cereal?
The colors on the box caught my eye on the shelf. I was super excited to try Kellogg's Special K cereal because vanilla and almond are two of my favorite flavors, separate and combined.
How does Special K fit into your daily routine?
Kellogg's Special K cereal fits into my routine because I usually have extremely busy mornings and don't have the time (or energy) to make breakfast, much less a healthy and nutritious one. I can pour a bowl for myself and my daughter without worrying too much of what we're putting into our bodies and still saving time in the mornings. This will be a pretty consistent routine – multiple mornings every week will begin with this cereal.
What stood out to you?
I like the QR code on the back of the box to find different wellness and health tips to make small changes to my everyday life. It can be overwhelming to find ways to stay healthy and Kellogg's Special K really makes it simple.
Thoughts on the nutritional benefits?
I like how the calorie count is extremely low without sacrificing the taste of the cereal. One item on the nutrition facts label that concerns me is the sugar content. I feel that is very high.
It's all of the flavor, less of the guilt.

Special K Cereal