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Got Milk? // Pea Perfection // Our Alternative // Sproud Sippin’ // Be Sproud // Sustainability Meets Taste // Hap-Pea Milk

“While oat milk has taken the world by storm, we stumbled upon something [dare we say] better. A high protein, low sugar, dairy-free option for that needed splash of café creaminess on your afternoon fika. You know the drill with plant-based milks by now, Sproud pairs perfect in cereal, smoothies + just about anything you’d use the regular cow’s stuff for. Why peas? Sproud milk was curated to check all the environmental x nutritious boxes of worry -- “great products with minimal climate footprint.” The variety allows you to try out latte art, sip on your desert, craft dairy free recipes, or just use as normal. Be Sproud to sip on this taste of Sweden. ”

Sproud Orginal Pea Milk