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Koolaid Sparklers are great alternative to sodas!

In Partnership with Kool-Aid

We talked to Jessica from TX and here’s what she had to say:

Jessica on The Flavor of Kool Aid Sparklers
I purchased the grape flavor. The overall flavor was good, it had a good grape flavor and was not overly sweet. The drink was fizzy, but the fizz was not overwhelming.
Her Thoughts on Healthy Alternatives to Soda
I would purchase the Kool Aid sparkler over soda since it had a good flavor and was not too sweet. My kids like flavored sodas over regular ones like coke or dr. pepper so I think they will really like this one and I like that it has less sugar.
Who she Would Recommend Kool Aid Sparklers To
My neighbor has 3 kids that like juices and sodas but she doesn't like to give it to them as it makes them hyper from all the sugar. I would recommend it to her as a low sugar option they would be able to drink.
Jessica’s Next Kool Aid Sparkler Will Be
I would like to try the tropical punch flavor next since we have bought the Kool Aid juice packs in that flavor and the kids like them.
The sparklers have a good flavor and are a good alternative to high sugar sodas.

Kool-Aid Sparklers