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Drinkable Art!

In Partnership with LIFEWTR

LIFEWTR up close in multiple styles

We talked to Tamela from Saint Clair, MO and here’s what she had to say:

Q: Lifewtr gives artists a platform by allowing them to design the bottles. Their most recent collab focused on celebrating cultural diversity and unity through art. How do you feel about Lifewtr’s unique approach to transforming day-to-day products (like water!) into a source of positivity?
A:  I think that is a brilliant idea! It’s a great way to inspire and showcase artists and make everyday products pretty and thought provoking!!
Q: Lifewtr bottles are durable and reusable! Do you see yourself refilling your Lifewtr bottle?
A:  I love the fact that they are not flimsy plastic and can be refilled! That fact just ensured that this will be my top choice from now on!
Q: Lifewtr has electrolytes for taste! How often do you drink things for their electrolytes?
A:  I often drink things like Gatorade if working out for electrolyte balance. It is nice to have water that offers this as well.
Q: Lifewtr focuses on fusing hydration with inspiration. Tell us what inspires you most!
A:  I am inspired by people making a positive difference in the world. I am inspired by art and creativity. This product does both!
Q: Where will you take Lifewtr this summer?
A:  I will have Lifewtr at work with me everyday! I will also have it while floating on a raft in my pool!!
Q: What creative friend or family member would you share Lifewtr with?
A:  I will share this with my mother. She is 70 years old and works every day taking care of people with disabilities, she inspires me to be a better person.
quote markThanks for making an everyday product into a beautiful piece of art!

Thank you for your time, Tamela! We love your feedback

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