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How To Make The Perfect Pour-Over

At our office, we’re not above a second or third cup of coffee to get through the morning. Whether you’re raising littles, catching up with a friend or crushing a 9 to 5— quality coffee is a must. So, why settle for anything less than the perfect pour? Try our simple five-step pour yourself.


Step 1: Heat water to 208°F.

Step 2: Measure coffee [12 oz cup = 20 grams of coffee, 16 oz cup = 26 grams of coffee]  + pour into the filter.

Step 3: Pour ¼ cup of water into the filter, moving from the center to the edge in a circular motion. Be sure to get all the grounds wet!

Step 4: Wait 30 seconds before continuing to pour.

Step 5: Repeat steps three and four 4-5 more times.



01 | Opt for whole beans and grind your coffee at home for a more full + fresh flavor [our recommendation: Onyx Coffee Lab’s: Onyx Coffee Lab’s Geometry Blend].

02 | You can wash the Överst in the dishwasher, but try to do a deep clean every fifth use with a mixture of vinegar and water. This will ensure you get any extra grinds out!