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Poured to Perfection

In Partnership with Gevalia

We talked to Angelee from MI about the Gevalia One Cup Pour Over and here’s what she had to say:

On The Flavor Of Gevalia
Gevalia Cafe at Home One Cup Pour Over was rich in flavor, yet smooth on the palate. I found the One Cup Pour Over to be much more robust than traditional coffee. It was very satisfying.
Angelee’s Pour Over Preference. . .
This was my first time experimenting with pour over coffee filters. I was pleasantly surprised by​ how easy it was to set up and how fast my coffee was ready to drink. It took under 2 minutes from start to finish. I feel like a professional barista now!
Her Go-To Brew. . .
I drink coffee like it's going out of style. I can never get enough. I usually try to limit myself to 3 cups a day, but sometimes I splurge and have a few more. In the morning I tend to go hard in the paint and take my coffee black. It helps me wake up. After my second cup, I'll add full-fat whipping cream, a tablespoon of ghee, and some MCT oil. It's delicious!
When she’ll Make The Gevalia Pour Over Next
Gevalia One Cup Pour Over coffee will be reserved for holidays, family gatherings, road trips, bonfires, camping and snow days. It'll add a little extra to special occasions. Plus I'll get to show off my mad barista skills.
Bold and robust, yet smooth and delicious!

Gevalia One Cup Pour Over