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Worth A Pour

In Partnership with Seattle's Best Coffee

We talked to Abbigail from TX and here’s what she had to say:

Abbigail's Thoughts On The Flavor...
I purchased the Post Alley Seattle's Best Coffee. The overall flavor of the coffee is great and close to a coffee shop. If poured into a coffee house cup I would not be able to tell the difference.
How Seattle’s Best Picks Up Her Day
I drink coffee because I enjoy the flavor and it feels right to start the day with a cup of joe. After my Seattle's Best Coffee, I felt energized and focused on the tasks before me.
Where She'd Enjoy A Cup...
If the weather is right, the best location to enjoy coffee is on the covered patio in my backyard. A cool air breeze mixed with the warmth of coffee is a wonderful combination.
Why Abbigail Would Brew Another
I would brew another cup because it was an enjoyable experience. Seattle's Best Coffee has a high-quality taste unlike other brands I have had before. This is definitely a product I would recommend.
Seattle's Best Coffee, the name says it all. Forget about the green cup from Seattle.

Seattle's Best Coffee