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Seattle's Best Coffee 6th Avenue Is The New Memory Lane

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We talked to Carmina from TX and here’s what she had to say:

Carmina's Thoughts On The Flavor...
I tried Seattle's Best Coffee 6th Avenue Bistro 4 dark roast and was pleasantly surprised. The coffee was ground into a powder that is much finer than I usually grind coffee. That, along with the dark roast designation, had me thinking it would be too overpowering for my taste buds. But it wasn't at all. Brewed in my espresso machine and mixed with steamed almond milk, I got a rich cup o' joe with an even taste that reminds me of Christmastime for some reason. I like that there is no weird aftertaste like I often get with coffees. This one went down smooth and I can easily see myself going back for another cup just for the fun of it, even though I usually only have one cup to get me going in the morning.
How Seattle’s Best Picks Up Her Day
I primarily drink one cup of coffee every morning just for the ritual of it. My day doesn't get off on the right foot without that hot beverage. But I don't drink it for the caffeine effects as others do, so it's always irritating when a coffee is too bold and leaves me jittery. This 6th Avenue blend is perfect – it tastes great, gets my day started off right, and doesn't make me jittery at all. It makes my mouth and belly warm and happy.
Where She'd Enjoy A Cup...
I normally take my coffee to my desk and start working, but this 6th Avenue blend is best when sipped on my back porch, still in pajamas, with my dog at my feet.
Why Carmina Would Brew Another
I would brew more cups of this coffee for the feeling it conjures up. It really does remind me of cold weather, sitting around a campfire with friends, stopping at the top of a mountain I just hiked in Colorado to enjoy a cup, or walking around a winter festival with my family. I would absolutely share this coffee with people.
Seattle's Best Coffee 6th Avenue is so smooth, yummy, and cozy, you'll either want a blanket and a good book, or a rocking chair and some good company.

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