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On Ice // The Perfect Brew // A Summer Sip // Everyday Cold Brew // The Cold Brew Capsule

“Iced coffee has never been seasonal for our team, as we love to sip the cold version year round. Purchasing iced coffees every day, or buying the premade jug at the grocery racks up x we have finally come to realize that making the perfect cold brew at home can be just as easy as brewing the hot alternative. Enter: The KINTO Cold Brew Carafe [via our EIC’s rec]. With a sleek capsule design, dishwasher safe materials + a smooth and strong flavor, this carafe is no joke. The whole liter lasts us the perfect amount for a week, plus it’s so easy to refill x brew, you never have to run out. Pour yours over some xl cubes + a splash of creamer, and you’ll have the perfect dressed up iced coffee to match ours. Go ahead and prep at night for the perfect chilled sip on your warm summer mornings. ”

KINTO Cold Brew Capsule