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9 Readymade Iced Coffees To Jumpstart Your Day

Summer is finally here, and with its arrival come longer days, warmer nights, and an extra boost of feel goods. This time of year, catch us basking in the sun [with SPF, of course] + sipping on an ice-cold cup of joe. It’s officially iced coffee season, and we’re here with our roster of no-fuss iced coffees to savor at home or save you in a pinch. Without further ado, here’s our starting lineup:

01 | Cometeer Coffee

This is our Editor-in-Chief’s pride x joy, and for good reason. If you haven’t seen it in an Instagram ad, you probably will soon. After trying it for ourselves, we’re officially converted, enthusiasts. The creators at Cometeer have partnered with some of the best roasters in the country + carefully brewed the coffee at 10x the strength to then be extracted x frozen at peak flavor. So, all you have to do is melt the capsule, pop it in some ice water, and voila – shockingly tasty iced coffee.

02 | Stumptown Coffee Roasters

We love cafe-surfing as much as the next gal, but — dang, can it add up. If your taste buds shift day-to-day + you love changing up your order, this Stumptown Roasters’ variety pack is the way to go. It comes with three flavors — Original, Horchata, and Chocolate — with a splash of oat milk in each, so you can pour straight over ice + go. Our pick? The sweet x spicy Horchata.

03 | Chameleon Cold-Brew

This is a bold, yet balanced iced coffee — ideal for those who want to customize how they take their morning brew. It’s a concentrate, so it should be diluted with water or milk [dealer’s choice], before it’s ready to sip. The experts advise 2:1 of coffee: water or milk, but we’ll look the other way while you do you.

04 | Blue Bottle Coffee

Don’t let this tiny 8 oz can fool you. Serious magic is contained within — bright, fruity, vibrant magic. Pour over ice, add some milk [or not], you know the drill. We suggest sweetening to your liking with a drop of maple syrup + you’re golden. Prepare to take on your day.

05 | STōK Cold Brew Coffee Un-sweet

STōK is a given because it can be found nearly anywhere, tastes delicious, and never hurts the bank. This brew is great for those who take their coffee black or who like to control how much of what goes in their cup. It’s bold, smooth, and exactly what we have in mind when we dream of cold brew.

06 | STōK Cold Brew Coffee Not Too Sweet

If you’re lovin’ STōK’s Unsweet, but looking for a little something more, you’ll probably be a fan of their Not Too Sweet cold brew. It’s exactly that, with just the right amount of cane sugar for a sweet-but-not-too-sweet experience, with slightly more caffeine. It’s brewed low x slow to be bold + smooth to fuel to your day.

07 | Starbucks Iced Coffee

This is a unanimous favourite among our team + an instant classic. Mellow, soft, and lightly sweet, this brew is perfect for solo sipping on its own. Or, pair it with your favourite milk or creamer, and you’ll feel like you just treated yourself to a IRL Starbucks bev, for a fraction of the price.

08 | La Colombe Coffee Roasters

If you’ve never had La Colombe’s canned draft lattes, we urge you to try them + write us back ASAP. They’re delicious. But we’re here to talk about their cold brews — available in Brazilian, Colombian, and Nitro. Our fave is the black + unsweetened Brazilian. It comes in many sizes, so we suggest you can try ‘em all in the 15 oz can to find your flave of choice.

09 | Jot Ultra Coffee

Currently Testing. . . Jot is a heavy lifter “ultra coffee” that’s 20x more powerful than traditional coffee — you won’t want to drink this one straight. One bottle makes 14 cups, so all you need is one tablespoon + a proper dose of water, ice, and your favourite add-ins for a delicious cold cuppa. Plus, we love that you can use it to make your coffee hot, cold, or any delicious way you like it. Give it a try x write back to us!