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Easy, Healthy Summer Spritzer


If you’re like me, you love a good summer spritzer. Whether it’s a day out at the pool, dinner on the patio with friends or just ending your night — I love a fresh, bubbly drink to celebrate all things summer.

For a couple years now, I’ve been putting together a fresh spritzer board for gatherings + hosting events. It’s the perfect do-it-yourself drink station that not only gives everyone an opportunity to make their own flavor combinations — but is healthy! Healthy cocktail? Say no more.


Here’s all you need to put together your summer spritzer bar:

Fresh Citrus
I love putting out grapefruit, orange + lime. One or all of these taste delicious for a great base flavor.

Berries for Muddling
I love muddled berries for a fresh flavor addition. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are what I love to include. 

It’s not a spritzer without a little carbonation! I set out a few different flavors of carbonated water [think, la croix or bubbly] to give it that “club soda” addition that you find on most cocktail menus. Best part? All the flavor with none of the sugar that you find in most summer spritzers. My go-to flavors that pair nicely — coconut, lime, or grapefruit.

In my opinion, fresh mint is the key for these spritzers. I love to muddle it along with some berries before I add anything else. It extracts all that fresh, minty flavor. 

Liquor of Choice [optional]
My go-to? Gin. I love the botanical flavors it adds along with the fresh fruit. Not a gin fan? Vodka would be just as delicious and keep the focus on all the fresh fruit flavors. If you’re cutting alcohol, just omit the booze. I love this spritzer because it can just as easily be a mocktail with all the flavor + goodness intact.

Blueberry Coconut

-Muddle a handful of mint + blueberries together at the bottom of a glass
-Add juice of half a lime
-Add 1 shot of gin or vodka
-Top with Coconut La Croix

Strawberry Limeade

-Muddle a handful of mint + strawberries together at the bottom of a glass
-Add juice of half a lime
-Add 1 shot of gin or vodka
-Top with Lime Bubbly or La Croix