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Don't Let Summer Slip Away Without Trying Solstice Lager

In Partnership with Stella Artois — Always Enjoy Responsibly

We talked to Kelly from CA and here’s what she had to say:

Kelly's Take On The Taste
I have been beyond excited to finally come across this variety of Stella Artois beer at my local Walmart. When I first looked at the packaging, the gold and white color scheme immediately reminded me of bright, sunny days, so I started thinking that this is perhaps going to be a lighter style lager but nonetheless very delicious as well. Being a summer limited edition I knew that I had to get my chance to try the Stella Artois Solstice Lager before it turned into fall, and the possibility that I might miss that chance has been driving me crazy! It was no surprise that I opened a bottle the minute I got settled in at home, and it was love at first sip. This style lager is perfect for any time of summer, with each sip crafted with a perfect balance of citrus flavors and a crisp finish.
Who She'd Sip A Solstice Lager With...
Although I would hate to discriminate on who exactly I share my Stella Artois Solstice Lager beer with, I am aware that there are people that would prefer the flavor more so than others that I know. The first person that comes to mind would be my boyfriend because he always enjoys a fine crafted beer and being a limited edition from a very popular and reputable company, I know he would enjoy this one as much as I do.
What Makes Stella Artois Her Summer Must-Have
I'd say anytime is a good time to enjoy the Stella Artois Solstice Lager. It's the perfect choice for when you want to incorporate a refreshing, lighter beer into your routine and not be left with the feeling of being too full the way some beers make you feel. Whereas some people might find the 4.5% alcohol content to not be enough, I find it to be perfect for maintaining a buzz throughout the evening and not overdoing it.
Why Kelly Keeps A Few On-Hand...
I actually tend to keep a couple regular Stella Artois beers on hand throughout the year for when guests might come over, so it would only make sense to incorporate their new Solstice Lager while its available. Not only are the bottles beautifully decorated but they also add an appeal to the refrigerator when you open it while asking your guests what type of beer they would like and showing them what you have.
Stella Artois redefines summer with their new Stella Artois Solstice Lager.

Stella Artois Solstice Lager