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Light Floral Beer

In Partnership with Stella Artois — Enjoy Responsibly

We talked to Danielle from FL and here’s what she had to say:

Your thoughts on the flavor?
I tried the Stella Artois Original. It had a light, floral, fruity taste. It was quite refreshing and did not leave a strong aftertaste.
Tell us what you'd serve alongside Stella Artois...
I would probably serve the Stella Artois Original during a football game or other sport watching event at home. I think the light beer would pair well with heavier items such as chicken wings and pizza.
Why would you bring a pack to your next gathering?
I would recommend Stella Artois Original to a friend because it is a light, fruity beer. I would recommend it for watching sporting events or backyard barbecues.
What stood out to you about this lager?
My favorite thing about Stella Artois Original is that it is a light, airy beer. It is not heavy and does not fill you up or make you feel bloated.
Stella Artois Original is a light beer that is perfect for many occasions.

Stella Artois Lager