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Stella: Refreshing And Sophisticated

In Partnership with Stella Artois

We talked to Abbey from PA and here’s what she had to say:

What She Thought About The Flavor
It's a denser, full bodied flavor that is also very refreshing. I like how it's not heavy but it's not a light beer either. Even though I was expecting it to be lighter, I really enjoyed the heavier, citrus-like taste.
Who Abbey Would Share A Stella Artois Lager With
I would actually share a Stella Artois Lager with my mother. She enjoys trying different beers, and I could see us sitting on her porch in the summer (or spring!) drinking Stella. I think this is a good middle body beer that anyone can enjoy, no matter if you prefer light or heavier beers!
Her Favorite Time To Enjoy One
I've had Stella Artois Lager one other time, years ago when I was in Belgium, so I could definitely see enjoying one there again someday! Closer to home, I see drinking Stella Artois Lager on a nice summer evening on a porch or watching the stars. I like that it's a light enough flavor for a summer evening, and it feels sort of fancy in its beautiful packaging.
Why Abbey Would Keep A Couple On Hand
I would keep Stella Artois Lager on hand for both entertaining or just enjoying myself. Some evenings I want a more sophisticated beer to enjoy and this could definitely be it. This is a nice beer that I would feel good about offering to guests as well!
Stella Artois Lager is a refreshing, sophisticated beer that's great for entertaining or quiet evenings at home.

Stella Artois Lager