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Pass The Stella!

In Partnership with Stella Artois

We talked to Kari from NY and here’s what she had to say:

What She Thought About The Flavor
I like the light, refreshing flavor of Stella Artois. It has almost a fruity, floral flavor but without a strong aftertaste like some beers have.
Who Kari Would Share A Stella Artois Lager With
My father enjoys Stella Artois too, so we enjoy watching sports together and sharing a bottle or two. I like that the flavor is light enough that anyone can enjoy one - even typical non-beer drinkers!
Her Favorite Time To Enjoy One
I like a Stella Artois while relaxing and watching television after a long day at work. I also like to have them on the weekends. But really... anytime is a good time!
Why Kari Would Keep A Couple On Hand
I keep Stella Artois on hand for company that might stop by to watch a game or just hang out. I've found that even people who aren't normally fans of beer enjoy the taste of a Stella Artois.
Stella Artois is a taste of European beer found in my American hometown!

Stella Artois Lager