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Always A Fine, Crisp Lager Beer

In Partnership with Stella Artois

We talked to Joyce from NY and here’s what she had to say:

What She Thought About The Flavor
I enjoyed the flavor of Stella Artois Lager very much. The flavor is clean and crisp. I will love this on a hot summer day! I wasn't sure I would like the taste, but I found it to be quite satisfying!
Who Joyce Would Share A Stella Artois Lager With
Again the taste is clear and crisp. I think my friends would enjoy Stella Artois Lager around a campfire! It's a taste my friends would look forward to having! I intend to bring along a 12-pack next time we meet.
Her Favorite Time To Enjoy One
I would love to enjoy a Stella Artois Lager on a hot summer night or while relaxing and watching a good movie after a long day.
Why Joyce Would Keep A Couple On Hand
I would most definitely always keep Stella Artois Lager on hand for an unexpected friend or guest. I always like being prepared with a fine tasting lager beer!
Stella Artois Lager is a clear, crisp, fine tasting lager beer!

Stella Artois Lager